What We Do


10.00 Service of Holy Communion – All are welcome

Evening prayer: Friday and Saturday 5:30pm

Morning prayer: Saturday and Sunday 9:15am

Reaching out

Rev Lesley-ann is usually out and about in Birnam and Dunkeld, she is the one with a smile and a clergy collar on. If you see her why not stop and chat, ask difficult questions that she will delight in finding the answers for. She is around on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Her favorite pastime is drinking tea in one of the cafes and buying too many things from the 3 churches charity shop in Dunkeld.

Chat n learn’ Saturday afternoons 3;30-5pm  with light refreshments. This is a small informal gathering in the rectory which is behind the church building, we enjoy discussing the bible! (well, what else), and having fun doing so. you are welcome to join us. Call – 07903020509 for more information

High days and Holy days – we really enjoy it all. watch this space for info about Harvest, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

Reducing our carbon footprint. step by step!

St marys church is serious about reducing our carbon footprint. and, as someone wisely said, the only way to begin a journey is to take the first step. Our first step is to change all of our light fittings to LED. TaDa!