My name is Lesley-Ann Craddock and I was appointed as Quarter time Priest in Charge of St Mary’s, just before ‘Lock down’ happened. Whilst this timing created a few challenges I am now able to be in Birnam on Fridays and Saturdays and for the Sunday service.

Our Sunday communion services resumed on July 26 at 10.00 and we look forward to welcoming you back to St Marys.

Please note as from AUGUST 9th it is the law that MASKS must be worn

I am using my ministry time writing sermons and emailing them to all who have email facilities, and I am enjoying writing letters and telephoning people who have not, or do not wish to engage with technology- I place myself in the technological category of learning quite quickly to use the facilities I just recently have access too, whilst dwelling in an emotional response of ‘what has happened to the world Lord, I am not ready!?’

If you find yourself reading this brief introduction and would like to have a conversation, email , hand written letter or general connectivity re spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals or baptisms, please contact me:

St Mary’s Rectory Birnam PH8 OBJ


You can also join with the gathered peoples from across Scotland and the world for live worship on Sunday mornings at 11am, using the link below. You will be most welcome.


We are delighted that you have found our website. Our church is a loving, generous and spiritually-vibrant place of worship in the very heartland of rural Perthshire. We believe that God loves us so much that he sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to show us how to live out God’s message of peace and justice for all people. We believe that Jesus’ Spirit freely dwells among us, transforming people’s lives with hope and joy and love. We believe we are infinitely loved by God.

We are a Eucharistic community. This means that each Sunday we gather at the Lord’s table to share in God’s abundance in the form of bread and wine. This visible symbol (sacrament) of God’s presence sustains us throughout the week and allows us to share in the new life that is God’s promise to us.

As a Christian community, we strive to work as co-partners with God in establishing a church of faith, hope, justice and peace . We believe that faith and church should be life-giving, adventuresome, and yes, even fun! We hope to be a place where all are welcome.

As individuals, we wish to be open to God, living lives shaped by prayer and scripture, loving unconditionally, and using our gifts in God’s service. Our church is open every day for prayer and quiet meditation. We hope you find our church to be a place of peace, prayer and sanctuary.