St Marys is open for Holy Week and Easter!
Maundy Thursday: Communion 7.00pm
Good Friday: Reflection on the Last Hour 2.00-3.00pm
Easter Sunday: Eucharist 10.00am
For this service, due to social distancing requirements, please contact 07843 996 190 if you are not a regular member of the congregation.

Safe distancing is in place within the building. Seating is by reservation and there will be a named seat for you. Our welcome host will show you to your seat. There is a one-way system clearly marked on the floor.

The peace is shared with a friendly smile and a wave from your seat. 

During the Eucharist only the host (wafer) is offered, please follow the instructions about receiving,  given in notices before the service begins. 

As of August 9th 2020 it is law that face masks must be worn within the church building.

Hello and welcome,

I am Lesley-Ann Craddock and I was appointed as Quarter time Priest in Charge of St Mary’s, just before ‘Lock down’ happened. Whilst this timing created a few challenges I am now able to be in Birnam on Fridays and Saturdays and for the Sunday service.

I am using my ministry time writing sermons and emailing them to all who have email facilities, and I am enjoying writing letters and telephoning people who have not, or do not wish to engage with technology- I place myself in the technological category of having to learn new skills quite quickly,  which is wonderful and daunting at the same time.

If after reading reading this very brief introduction you would would like to have a conversation, email , hand written letter or general connectivity re spiritual guidance, weddings, funerals or baptisms, please contact me:

St Mary’s Rectory Birnam PH8 OBJ

01350 728091 – rectory Friday – Sunday


You can also join with the gathered peoples from across Scotland and the world for live worship on Sunday mornings at 11am, using the link below. You will be most welcome.